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Shelley A.W. Roy is the Miami Ed Guru

A recognized leader in human resource development, Shelley Roy, has worked with thousands of adults and adolescents in a wide range of learning situation. For over ten years Ms. Roy provided ongoing facilitation to over seventy improvement teams. Ms. Roy has consulted on a regional, state, national, and international basis on Leadership, Human Behavior, Change and Transition, Effective Communication, Models of Teaching, Interagency Collaboration, Effective School's research, Generational Diversity and other areas related to human behavior, change and building productive teams.

During her career, Shelley has worked with educational organizations, businesses, non-profit agencies, justice systems, and human service organizations. 

Shelley has authored:

  • A People Primer: The Nature of Living Systems
  • Creating Well-BEing
  • It's Your Life Don't Ever Forget It! : Eight Keys to Independence (Soon to be released)

Additionally, she has co-authored:

  • A Connect School
  • Setting the Tone: A Connected School Approach for Creating Bully-free Classrooms
  • Creating Your BE-Print: Drafting Your Personal Blueprint for Living
  • Freshman Orientation: Avoid the Dangers of Destructive Decision Making
  • A chapter on Perceptual Control Theory in Counseling Theories: Practical Applications with Children and Adolescents in School Settings   
  • Transformational Life Skills 

Ms. Roy is a master educator with a background in Perceptual Control Theory, Brain Compatible Instruction, Neuroscience, Organizational Development paired with her diverse experience makes her an exceptional coach, and presenter. 

A mother of two and grandmother of two she delights in spending time with her family in the Northwoods of Wisconsin when she isn't in Miami working as a Counselor and Pedagogical Coach.  



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